Monday, August 23, 2010

An Enlightening Walk in the Dark

Isn't odd how shedding a little light on something makes all the difference in the world? I find it amazing when I walk the dogs in the morning and it's still dark outside how creepy and scary the people seem on the corner of Dallas and Main. Yet as I walk by I hear a pleasant voice wish me good morning. The dark can make anything seem unsafe and unfriendly. I realize you have to be safe and be on guard, this is a city with all walks of life. But it's the realization of how much of that fear is generated by me. During the day I can walk by that same corner in the bright sunlight and I don't have half the thoughts about my safety as I do when the sun is set.

As I walk in the dark I am so aware of the tricks I play on myself. My awareness of how much my mind plays games on me is heighten and I can see how I can hold myself back. It makes me realize that as I go about my day I am not fortunate enough to have something as simple as the darkness to make me notice I am generating the fears I have throughout the day. I am not keenly aware that the negative fearful thoughts I am having are self induced. As I walk through my day my sense of self heightened awareness seems to decrease and I am not as sensitive as to what I can do to myself.

Today I will continue through my day grateful as I can be. I will be more cognizant of what I can do for myself in a positive way and aware of how destructive crippling thoughts can be if I don't pay attention to what I tell myself.

Location:Fannin St,Houston,United States


  1. Well, that's NOT a very safe corner to be hanging out at. Next time, I'll try not to end my sentence with a preposition.

  2. I used to feel a bit of anxiety when we first moved to the island because it is so dark at night. Not any lights except for those from the house. I would imagine the boogyman jumping from behind a building. But now I feel so comfortable with the night.

  3. I can completely relate. I find that reality is never as bad as what I build it up to be

  4. The difference between helpful fear, which keeps us safe, and unhelpful fear, which just keeps us stuck in our old habits of thought and feeling.