Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Where I Am

Today I can't ask to be more grateful for where I stand today. I have been sober and clean for just over 2 years. I feel in the last few months things have gotten where I understand myself better. I don't take myself too seriously anymore. That was a really big problem for me. Actually it wasn't about taking me seriously, but everything in my life seriously.

I think today I realize I have no real control of the things I worry about. I never stopped to recognize that everything, and I mean everything works out in the end. You can't stop it, because everything has an end.

So life is crazy and happy. We are moving into an apartment this weekend. We are going to have to gut our house and we are going to have a big lawsuit. I could look at all of this and say, "Where are we going to get the money to pay for another place." "How long could this go on?" "What if we don't win?"

But as I have recently learned to do is pretend I am on a roller coaster and throw my hands in the air. You can't jump off and you have to wait for the end.

I am thankful for my spirituality that is teaching me to get through life on a day to day basis. If I just take it moment to moment, step by step I know I can handle anything.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The kindness of others

As I rounded the corner of the block behind the hotel I am staying in, I saw a sight that gave me goosebumps. A policeman was down at eye level, speaking to, I assume, a homeless man. I was coming up from behind them. But it was so obvious to me that the policeman was being kind to that man. He was trying to help him. All the fellow had was a shirt, shorts and a pair of shoes. He looked lost and child like. He didn't look well and there was an obvious concern by the policeman. Then the policeman got up to go to his car, the man shook his hand I think the policeman was going to call someone and the little guy asked him if he was going to leave him? The policeman said, "no, I will wait until he comes to get you."

It just made me feel good to see kindness on the street first thing in the morning. It made me think that I needed to put myself out there more for others.

I am grateful to carry this positive feeling through my day and to realize I have nothing to complain about.

Do you ever witness positive actions by others that affect you and make your day?

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Perks to my job

On a day to day basis I never really know where my job will take me or what I will be doing.

Today I was fortunate enough to have to go to Galveston to file a foreclosure notice and post it. Take advantage of the moment I say.

Since the hurricane Hermine was in the gulf I wanted to check out the waves in Galveston. The breeze is beautiful and the salt air feels good on my sinuses.

I am thankful to be alive on this beautiful day. I am grateful I am clean and sober and my life is great even with all the crazy mold issues with my house.

Let me know what you're grateful for?

Location:Seawall Blvd,Galveston,United States

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A relaxing weekend

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend to do get a few things done. I am hoping to clean my sailboat which deserves a cleaning from top to bottom. It's located 60 miles away and it has been ignored for a year. We are expecting a slight cool front that should allow for us to wash away the dirt and not sweat to death while we are doing it.

With fall around the corner It will make for good sailing weather. My son is at a good age to start learning. I haven't sailed in so long I am going to have to get my sea legs back.

Typically when we sail I play the part of Gilligan and my partner is Skipper. The only difference is when we go out for a three hour tour, we come back. (I have also been known to play Maryanne, Ginger, the Professor and both of the Howells!).

We sail on Lake Conroe which is a small lake in Montgomery, Texas. We have been enjoying Conroe since 1989. The lake was created in 1973. It reminds us of a lot of little lakes in central New York.

I am grateful to be at the start of my Labor Day weekend and I wish for everyone to have a safe holiday weekend.

Location:McKinney St,Houston,United States

Thursday, September 2, 2010


All I can say is "I'm Grateful". I am grateful for what I have and the experiences I will have today. I am thankful for my health and sobriety. I am thankful for my family and friends and their health and well being as well.

I have been so busy from the moment I get up until I get in bed at 11 at night. I am in constant pain, but I am glad to be alive and grateful that it is bearable.

Today I will smile at my day and look for the gifts I receive and fortunate to be able to acknowledge them. My attitude is what colors my day.

It's a beautiful day.

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