Saturday, September 4, 2010

A relaxing weekend

I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend to do get a few things done. I am hoping to clean my sailboat which deserves a cleaning from top to bottom. It's located 60 miles away and it has been ignored for a year. We are expecting a slight cool front that should allow for us to wash away the dirt and not sweat to death while we are doing it.

With fall around the corner It will make for good sailing weather. My son is at a good age to start learning. I haven't sailed in so long I am going to have to get my sea legs back.

Typically when we sail I play the part of Gilligan and my partner is Skipper. The only difference is when we go out for a three hour tour, we come back. (I have also been known to play Maryanne, Ginger, the Professor and both of the Howells!).

We sail on Lake Conroe which is a small lake in Montgomery, Texas. We have been enjoying Conroe since 1989. The lake was created in 1973. It reminds us of a lot of little lakes in central New York.

I am grateful to be at the start of my Labor Day weekend and I wish for everyone to have a safe holiday weekend.

Location:McKinney St,Houston,United States


  1. Another sailor! I am the professor. I can make a radio out of a coconut but couldn't fix a hole in the boat.

  2. omg..that is so funny! I loved Gilligan's Island. It sounds wonderful..the boat, your son, passing on something that you have loved to do onto the next generation. May the winds be at your back!


  3. gilligan's island ....*giggles*