Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The kindness of others

As I rounded the corner of the block behind the hotel I am staying in, I saw a sight that gave me goosebumps. A policeman was down at eye level, speaking to, I assume, a homeless man. I was coming up from behind them. But it was so obvious to me that the policeman was being kind to that man. He was trying to help him. All the fellow had was a shirt, shorts and a pair of shoes. He looked lost and child like. He didn't look well and there was an obvious concern by the policeman. Then the policeman got up to go to his car, the man shook his hand I think the policeman was going to call someone and the little guy asked him if he was going to leave him? The policeman said, "no, I will wait until he comes to get you."

It just made me feel good to see kindness on the street first thing in the morning. It made me think that I needed to put myself out there more for others.

I am grateful to carry this positive feeling through my day and to realize I have nothing to complain about.

Do you ever witness positive actions by others that affect you and make your day?

Location:Louisiana St,Houston,United States


  1. I witness those positive things EVERY day at Lambda. It always makes me feel good.

  2. I do see them more & more. I also take them as reminders to look for the opportunities myself

  3. My heart would go out to that man. I hope that someone was there to get him.

  4. i love seeing random acts of kindness. it totally makes my day.

    just the other day i left my wallet on a plane after coming off an international flight.

    thankfully i realized it right away and ran back onto the plane. all passengers were gone, except for the cleaning staff.

    one of them could have easily chosen, however at the risk of their job, to keep my wallet, but they didn't.

    it was returned.

    it left me with a good feeling in my heart.