Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Perks to my job

On a day to day basis I never really know where my job will take me or what I will be doing.

Today I was fortunate enough to have to go to Galveston to file a foreclosure notice and post it. Take advantage of the moment I say.

Since the hurricane Hermine was in the gulf I wanted to check out the waves in Galveston. The breeze is beautiful and the salt air feels good on my sinuses.

I am thankful to be alive on this beautiful day. I am grateful I am clean and sober and my life is great even with all the crazy mold issues with my house.

Let me know what you're grateful for?

Location:Seawall Blvd,Galveston,United States


  1. I'm grateful that today things seem to have lifted a bit, even more so after reading your entry.
    Makes me wanna be on a beach real bad!

  2. I put myself to sleep with an ocean track on my iphone since I didn't get to the beach this year. I dream of sea-salt drenched air. ::sigh:: I'm so glad you got to go and just inhale the peace that the waves bring in with them.


  3. I've had a week of other peoples bad news.

    I'm grateful for life and what I've got today... love your thoughts

  4. I'm grateful for a soft bed tonight as I am dead tired. Too much fun yesterday.

  5. Grateful that my son is still alive (12 years of dealing with addiction problems). Grateful that it's finally cooled off as our summer here was so hot and humid and grateful that I've managed to lose 2 pounds lately : D

  6. Grateful that, even though we don't speak often, to know you to have had you in my life. You are an insiration. Love you.