Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Meetings. Last night I thought I would venture out to see what meetings were like here in Central New York. Being gay I thought I would see what the gay meetings were like in Syracuse. They refer to the meetings as "The boys in the band". I found where the meeting was held and head for downtown Syracuse.

I was early so I decided to venture around town to see what has changed and to take in the scenery. I drove around for about 40 minutes and saw in 26 years, not much had changed since I left. That is comforting and scary all at the same time. In Houston you have to be careful because things change over night.

I went to the church where the meeting was going to be held. I was early and I thought that it would be like Houston and I would be able to hang out and visit with people. Not exactly. They have to buzz the door to let you into the church. I was swept in following another man. As we entered a fellow who worked at the church said that the meeting was on the 4th floor, so I just followed along. To my surprised I ended up in a NA meeting. It was just fine that I ended up in an NA meeting because I have cross addiction. Thankfully, Houston's AA meetings cover all my issues. But this NA meeting was interesting to be a part of. It was a little frustrating that the members were not as respectful during the meeting because they would talk amongst themselves get up and talk to the chair person and cross talk. At the same time I enjoyed myself and just listened because the message was the same. The deep desire to stay clean. I was Grateful for where I was in my recovery and Grateful that my bottom was not as far down as some, many of these people in the room.

I listened for a while and then I realized that it was past the time that of the meeting I had intended on going to was started. I left the meeting and and asked where the "Gay" meeting was held and it was on the 3rd floor of the church. In the typical fashion of my fellow gays they had coffee brewing (the other meeting they were complaining that they didn't have a coffee pot because the pot kept getting stolen.) rainbow candles on the tables and a group of men that were just starting their meeting. I came in on cue just as they were asking if there was anyone visiting or new. I stated me name and city and claimed my seat.

It's interesting to see how different parts of the country hold their meetings. How comfortable we get in our ways and how simply changing things can affect us. To begin with they ask who has a topic and will continue to keep say, "who has a topic, anyone, anyone?" It was like you are on the Price is Right. Two people had a topic so they do both topics.

I enjoyed the meeting and being able to share. I also enjoyed seeing a couple of people I use to work with 26 years ago. I was Grateful that one person in particular was recovered for 5 years. When I last knew him, he could barely stand up half the time. He looked very, very good compared to where he was headed. I am Grateful to see the program works, no matter where I am.

The message last night from both meetings was this.

Take it moment by moment, minute by minute, hour by hour and one day at a time.


  1. Always a good topic since that is what we only have, really. This day.

  2. Beautiful. Thank you.

    I love that AA gives me a home no matter where I am