Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 6, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Life. I have to say that life is leading me into a good place at the moment. The last couple of weeks have been hard on me. Not that I haven't had good mixed in all that. But I let things get me down that I can't control.

Hence, the expression, let go and let God. This expression gets me crossed eyed sometimes. I have a very strong faith in my Higher Power. But I have issues with that expression sometimes, because I am told that it's God's will. My problem with that expression is my will is God's will. But what I am starting to understand is that we have choices and we can/must take action. When we sit and do nothing we aren't doing anyone's will God's or mine. We are motionless, stuck not moving forward or backwards.
I believe God wants me to see what I am capable of doing. My will to be positive, and work hard are his will. My inaction of nothing is not God's will. By taking that into consideration it has made me see that little tiny miracle of subtle communication with God and me is always there. It's if I want to listen or be stuck in my own head and ignore the right thing to do.

Here's to working on getting off the roller coaster of emotions created by my negative board of directors.


  1. Fire that board and elect a new one!

  2. Fire that board of directors and let them go to work for Donald Trump.
    Or Continental Airlines.
    Thanks for persevering.

  3. Really needed this today. Thanks, Gary!

  4. There is a great little book written by Father John Doe, one of the early AA'ers, and it is about the program being one of action. He writes about all the actions that one must consider in living. It's a good read.