Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 19, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Morning Stretches. My back is killing me today. I'm Grateful that a few good stretches can make me feel better.

Third Step Prayer. I am so glad that I have it worked into my morning routine. It's a great reminder for me that life doesn't revolve around me and I can be an example to others by my actions.

Serenity. I am Grateful that I know I have it. I never stopped to think about it during my addiction.

Blogging. A healthy addiction. I wake up and sometimes say to myself, I'm not going to blog today. Then I find I can't let the day go without posting something. I'm Grateful to have a place to let the universe know where I stand each day.


  1. Thanks for your "healthy addiction!" We'd all be the lesser without it!! Have a good weekend!!!

  2. I'm not a journal-er so blogging is so helpful to me to get things out of my head. My kids will have alot of laughs after I pass and they read my blog. :-D Serenity+Gratitude..yep, gets my day started in the right direction too.


  3. I'm glad that you blog as well. There are a lot of bloggers who have thrown in the towel.