Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 28, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Listening to my HP. If it wasn't for AA, I would have never known that I needed to focus on something greater than my self. The last 19 months has shown me that I need to listen and I will be able to hear.

Examples. Everyday I see examples of the life I let go and I'm Grateful that I did.

Dave. I was just in Hollister's the other day and I was wondering how to fold a shirt that I had pulled off the shelf to look at.

Work. I think it's slowly coming down the pike.


  1. I, too, see glimpses of the life I use to have, or at least parts of it. I have compassion now for others and for myself. I found my way and now I might be able to help another. That just blows me away sometimes.

    Have a serene day!


  2. It's stunning to me sometimes to see how I deal with something and to know what it would have been like before my program. We're so close that it's hard to appreciate sometimes, but we've all come so far!

  3. That Dave has taught me quite a few things since I've been reading him. He has a lot of useful things to share! Glad that work is coming together.