Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Spring like weather. It was really beautiful out yesterday. The image below is of my neighbors Tulip tree. It is so beautiful this year. Normally it looks like a dead tree with a few blossoms on it. I am really ready for the hot weather we live in for 4 months out of the year.

Knowing life isn't perfect. Yesterday as I was standing in Starbucks, waiting for my coffee, I felt this shift of a depressive mood. It normally hits me just like that. It's a strange feeling for me and then I can fall into a place that is very difficult for me to get out of. I realized that I just have to let go and let life happen as it should. I'm frustrated because I feel like my focus is off. Things aren't going exactly as I plan. But, in the big picture of life, does it really go the exact way as we plan it? This is a real third step issue for me. "God, I offer myself to Thee--to build with me and to do with me as Thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may bear witness to those I would help of Thy Power, Thy Love, and Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!" That prayer was a daily prayer and lately I haven't been saying it. I'm glad to bring it back into my routine.

Paper and a writing stick. I'm so grateful that I have a place to jot information down all through the day. List, list and more lists.

Friends. I have so many friends that are important to me. I'm glad that we have affects on each others lives. I'm glad they accept me as I am even when I can't.


  1. That's a beautiful photo! I can't wait for spring to rear it's head here in NYC!

    Thanks for the reminder that life isn't perfect - it's so where I am today

  2. Your positive attitude is contagious and I needed to hear it. I am off to make some lists and get off my arse. Lovely picture to remind me spring will matter what.


  3. I too am now ready for some warmer weather. It has been very windy lately too. That just makes it seem colder. I know that feeling when I just get hit by a down feeling.