Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Meetings. Yesterday I was able to go to two different meetings in the morning. Both of those meetings were addressing my issues of fear. My whole life has been fear based. In my mind I am not good enough to have what others have, I fear failure, I fear people don't like me, I fear meeting and talking to people I don't know. I fear Karma. Is there something I need to fix that I don't realize? As I write this today I can't think of anything I really need to fix. Fears make my possibles impossible.

DAAve. Your kindness and friendship, you help me in many ways.

Scott W. For showing me one step at a time.

Finding Me. Until I recovered, I really didn't have a clue who I was.

*I dislike marketing with a passion. Yesterday, I was so stressed and stuck trying to figure out how to market my business I ended up chasing my tail. When I get like that I grab one of my cameras and just start driving. My last stop was a graveyard two blocks from my house. I really do love to hang out in cemeteries because it's peaceful. Especially when my mind is going off kilter. I had the best time shooting in the rain. It helped open my creativity and bring me back to center. I'm not a christian, but I like the image of Jesus. He is a great example of how we should treat everyone, including ourselves.


  1. It's always a pleasure to be around you.
    This whole fear thing seems to get a little easier the longer I stay sober and work a recovery program. Maybe that will be your experience too.

  2. Wonderful image. I like photographing cemeteries also.