Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 8, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Trying to walk through Fear. I'm told that it's a mile high and a mile wide but paper thin. That may be true but I think it has jagged edges and can hurt to get through it. It appears my whole life right now is about facinig my fears. I'm Grateful that I am willing to face my fears painful or not. I would have never made the effort before I was sober.

Being Grateful. There was a time in my life I never even stopped to be Grateful. I would just complain about my life and how it sucked and nothing went my way and poor me. Today I am able to stop and just be thankful for the air I inhale, the healthy body I have and the peace and serenity that I experience. Even when I have those moments of thinking life sucks I pause and realize I am Grateful. It brings me back to a point that I know that i am provided for.

Blogging. It really helps me peel back the layers of myself. It helps me stop and look at my life. It's a daily routine of me looking at my Gratitude. I like to blog because it exposes me and my fears, feelings, hopes and dreams. It allows me have the strength of writing and expressing myself without the care of others seeing what I am going through. It lets me see I am not alone and others are experiencing life much as I do.

YouTube. I'm going to go wake up my son and crawl into bed with him. We like to watch YouTube on my iPod Touch in the mornings as he wakes up. The other day we watched people riding on roller coasters and laughed our asses off so hard that tears were rolling down our faces.

The picture below is an idea of how to reuse vodka bottles. they must be very proud.


  1. We're so lucky.

    I pass by that bottle tree often and yes, I'm sure they are very proud.

  2. I like that bottle tree. There are many of them here. It is part of the superstition that bottle trees capture the evil spirits.

  3. So that's where those bottles come from! Have a great weekend!!