Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Creativity. It's funny how it works. You can't make it happen, it has to be inspired. For me, it always comes out of left field. If I try to be creative I don't get what I think I am going for. It never leaves me feeling like that's what I wanted. Then when I don't try at all I get something that makes me think, wow, I can't believe I did that.

A beautiful day. I'm not sure what the weather is going to be like in Houston, but the birds are chirping and that makes a pretty good start for me.

Living in the Present. I am someone who likes to think in the future. That is killer for me. I have to remember right here, right now and no further forward and not to look back. What is done is done and I can't see any further than the second I'm living in.

The gifts of today. If I'm Grateful enough I usually can see the gifts I get everyday.


  1. Forced creativity never works for me either. That is why meditation is so important to me. That is where I get divine inspiration if I am just quiet enough to listen!


  2. Living in the moment is one of my most difficult challenges.

  3. Thanks for the good thoughts. If we could only schedule our creativity! Wow!! Have a good one!!!

  4. I live in this day more and more. I tend to let things happen now whereas before I had to plan and orchestrate everything.