Monday, February 15, 2010

February 15, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Sleep. I am grateful for the sleep I have been getting lately. I'm learning to allow myself that it's okay to sleep when I feel like I need it. Sometimes I torture myself to keep going not allowing myself one of the basic needs of my human condition. I am realizing that if I wear myself thin I'm not able to accomplish the goals I am working towards.

The beautiful day yesterday. It was a teaser, but all the same, it was beautiful. It made it up to about 71 degrees and sunny. Then the north wind blew in and dropped the temperature about 25 degrees. But I am so glad I was able to enjoy the day.

Music. This weekend was a weekend of classical music. We went to a really great Roco conductorless concert at St. John's Church performed by classical musicians from around the country. They performed Bach's piano concerto in D minor, Beethoven's fifth symphony, Jacob's old wine in a new bottle and Chen Yi Shuo for Chinese New Year. Their special performer was guest pianist, Simone Dinnerstein. We had seats to the left of the stage with a flat screen right in front of us to view the performance up close. I am so grateful to have witnessed such beautiful music in person. Then on Sunday, my son had his performance with the Houston Youth Orchestra. He was picked as one of the lead violinist in his section which was a really great honor for him. He amazes me. I want to be just like him when I grow up.

In the moment. I'm grateful that I do not regret my past and I try to live right now. I can throw myself into a tizzy if I think to far ahead. I am so grateful to be much more aware of how I think and what I am doing to myself at times. I just tell myself to look down at my feet, because that is where I am right now.


  1. I hope this is the best President's Day you've ever had - sober.

  2. Oh yes.... SLEEEEEEEEEEEP! A true gift!!!

  3. I can't quite make out what that reflection is. On the right it looks like an arm and hand.

  4. Yes, it was a weekend of rest, music, good food, and good friends. Nice all around. Sounds as if you had a good time as well.

  5. How truly heals my soul, puts my thoughts to rest, and is a gift that I am so glad your son shares!