Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

Today I am grateful for:

The start of my morning. Every morning I get up around 4:15 or there about. I turn my alarm on, but I usually wake up on my own before it goes off. I have my routine of praying and meditating, morning writing and then blogging. But the best part of each morning is I can set the tone of how I want to tackle my day. I am grateful I wake up without a chemical hangover. That's one less thing that will affect me through the morning. I pray that I look to my day as a learning experience and I handle it the best way I can. I pray that I am helpful to someone who needs my service, whatever that may be. I am also grateful that I am aware I am on a journey of some sort. It's not pre-defined, with every step mapped out. It's a journey where I am learning as I move through my life. It's up to me to be keenly aware of how I want to act or re-act to situations that arise. I am so grateful I am where I am today.


  1. Me too. My day begins with tending to the dogs first, coffee, cigarette, quiet time, reading recovery blogs, pondering the many messages they share, gratitude always, putting the people I love in my HPs hands, acknowledging the gifts of the earth, sun, animals, and life itself. What a gift to be able to start this day in this way. Wow.


  2. A quiet start usually results in a quiet mind for my day.

    I love that pic.

  3. I guess you woke up right where you were supposed to be.

  4. I don't like a lot of chaos in the morning. Most of our mornings are quiet because it is just the two of us, the dogs and the cats. Waking up to dogs barfing or cats doing an "urka gurka" isn't much fun.