Friday, February 5, 2010

February 5, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Miracles. Seriously, I can't call it anything but. I am being so helped along in my life I cannot call it coincidence. Being that I have changed careers I am working diligently 8 hours a day focused on my photography. Starting your own business can be lonely, especially because I know how to do the photography part of my job. But getting the business up and running and off the ground is a whole other animal.

I have been reading a book explaining the ins and outs of marketing for photographers, written by Mitche Graf. I have been sending emails to photographers offering to take them to lunch so I can ask them questions. I've managed to have lunch with one photographer and an hour and a half conversation on the phone with another.

Now, here is the miracle, which I will call it that happened yesterday. For grins I was searching for studio space on Craigslist and nothing came of it. I then went to the web and Googled a random search for "studio space in Houston." I was lead to a sight that was looking for someone to share studio space. The problem was that it was back in October. I then started looking at her sight because I liked her images. There was a picture of an Indian wedding that I found interesting because of the mans face. So I decided to write her to ask her to lunch. She didn't have an email on her website, only a form I could fill out. I don't like using forms for a lunch request. So I decide to go ahead and write an email to her and I would just make up the email address by using her domain name and her first name and hoped it would work. I wrote the email asking her to lunch, I pushed send and I didn't get an email back saying it was invalid. So I waited, still nothing. Then I went on about my morning working. Now this is the part that shows me I am so right where I need to be right now. I'm happy, I'm sober and life is good. I looked at my email and I had a reply from her. Unfortunately, she is not available for lunch for the next two weeks, but, the first Thursday of every month she has a meeting in her studio with photographers to share information and usually a topic of discussion. She invited me to come and it starts at 7:00 p. m. last night.

By 7:30 p.m. last evening I was sitting in a room with about 30 photographers. It felt just like an AA meeting to me. They even said that at one point. The connection of a miracle gets even closer. As she is talking about the topic she is talking about a seminar she went to and the person holding the seminar asked her, "what was her hook or what drove people to her as a photographer?" She gave her answer, which was "Geek Brides" and she said Mitche Graf just looked at her because he had not ever heard an answer about a bride described that way before. Mitche Graf is the author of the book I am reading. And for me to end up in a room with all these photographers, all at once. It was totally amazing and a miracle to me.

As a topper, my business cards that were suppose to arrive on Friday arrived Thursday morning, I mean, come on, Miracle is spray painted all over it.

Life is Sweet!


  1. God is pretty good with graffiti!

  2. Yeah, Craigslist is pretty cool.

  3. Synchronicity..I believe. Awesome!!


  4. Great photographs Gary. That is so good.