Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Change. I am so Grateful that I am willing to change. On a daily basis I run into so many people that are afraid to change their views, ideas, or ways of life that could save their lives. My willingness to change has allowed me to grow in ways I could not imagine. By not changing it narrows the happiness and gifts that I receive in my life.

Confirmation. This is my forth week into my new life and of course doubt will sometimes creep in and make me question myself. Did I do the right thing? People won't even notice I am gone. Was I the kind of person I thought I was? All these questions are relatives of fear. I was grateful to get confirmation yesterday when I had to go back to the building I worked in. I didn't go back to my office, because I still suffer post traumatic stress from it. I feel like it's better to keep my distance from there right now. Through my hour there I ran into people who helped me confirm what I was doing was right. I had to pick up carnival tickets at the management office for the rodeo and the people there were very upset about the issues that I had to deal with which now they were having to dealing with. They were not happy about the situation. I am so grateful to have confirmation about my past and the willingness to change and to know I will be taken care of.
Positivity. Truly and undeniably a frame of mind that is necessary to live a life of Gratitude. I am learning to live with my fear and to know everything is going to work out if I just look past it.

Today. I am so Grateful to have the frame of mind that I have today. I am Grateful for the beautiful, unknown day of gifts and life experiences I will receive in the next 24 hours.


  1. Good morning, dear boy...

    I'm with you--I'm so grateful to have the willingness. For a lot of years I was paralyzed by my life. Stuck in one mode and unable to see any possibilities.

    Love reading about your journey. Glad the Universe is confirming your big career change. Life is good.

  2. Yep. Never second-guess yourself when you do the next right thing.

  3. I am grateful for us both! Confirmation is the Universe's way of saying "Right On"!! I am dealing with a consequence of a bad decision but I know I will be okay and I feel so much better than the days when I would run, hide, deny, or avoid consequences. Serenity is a good place to be.