Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Being Supportive. I ended up spending 6 hours at the hospital yesterday waiting while a friend of mine had a heart procedure done. It was good that I was there to support of my friend who was in the waiting room and for the support of my friend who was having the procedure done. It was not where I wanted to be, but it was where I needed to be. I actually witnessed in my self the calm that allowed me to know it was the right thing to do. It was a very good day.

Saying Yes. Jim Carey came out with a very bad movie called Yes Man. The movie itself was not well made. But the basic idea of what the movie was to say "Yes" to everything. It was a message that I needed to hear. I always say no to everything. Even before the sentence is complete, I am ready to say no to the question I am being asked. It's the joke in the my immediate family, that I am going to say no. I am just like my mother that way. Since I am changing my life I decided to make a grander effort to say "Yes" to more and see what happens. I have seen the positive side of it. I'm just waiting to say yes again.

Sobriety. I can't be more grateful for this. I don't have to start my mornings drugging 5 minutes after I wake up. It all seemed so normal and okay to do that. It's amazing what you will tell yourself. I don't have to spend time laying in bed with the phone balanced on my ear trying to keep conversation with someone because I thought I was going to die if I didn't keep talking. I look back now and think of how close to the edge I was. I am so grateful I don't focus my day on am I running out of prescriptions? Do I have enough weed? Is there wine in the fridge? That was all a good day. That's how skewed life was for me.

The love of my dog. She has her own agenda, but I'm glad she lets me be part of her life.


  1. Okay..you got dAAve started...this should be fun to watch!!

    Gratitude..and being where we are supposed to be..yep...beats the alternative any day..


  2. Being available. Changing our immediate thoughts on a subject. Repairing and having good relationships with others. Such are the joys of being in recovery.

  3. I am grateful for all my animals. They teach me a lot about positive attitudes.