Friday, February 19, 2010

February 19, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:
Courage. I never knew I had it. I always had this fake sense of thinking I had courage. Through being sober I realize I can get past the fear and move forward. I had no idea that I was able to believe in myself. What a concept for me. As I sit here this morning I have a strong confidence that I am going to be okay. As the old me sheds away, a lot like the skin of s snake, I can see a little clearer the path in front of me. I am aware that I can't see far ahead, but just enough to know that I can take the next step, soberly, happily, confidently. I know I have a place I am going and I don't have to worry about every footstep alone the way.

The Blog People. Reading and sharing online about each life that I follow feels much like a Mexican Novelia. They change from day to day and you never know what to expect. But they contain pieces of my life and offer solutions. There have been so many times I read about things that I feel are happened in my life at the same time as others. Solutions come in unexpected ways.

12 Steps. I know I am moving slowly through the steps but I apply many of them to my life on a daily basis. Since I have been in recovery I finally have plan to follow which has made my life easier to accept and deal with from day to day. I have often said it I am so fortunate to have an addiction because it has allowed me to have a program. So many people would benefit from a 12 step program just to live life. It has shown me I always have choices in my life and that we can choose the next right thing over the next wrong thing. I can decide how I am going to react, positively or negatively, I have options. I have learned to pause and think.

Friday. What a great day of the week. But, now it seems so different in my new life. "Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore!"


  1. When I was drinking I didn't have many options. Today they are pretty much unlimited.

  2. Yep..having a plan, some structure, has given me a life full of hope and tools. I don't ever want to go back and if I keep working it I won't have to. (Lovely pic, too)


  3. Well, frankly, I've never spent much time in Kansas.

  4. I also appreciate all the bloggers. It is good reading your gratitude list. Happy Friday.