Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February 17, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

More sleep. I had a very heavy dinner last night which seemed to make it impossible to sleep. I fell asleep really fast, but then I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. The good part of it was since I couldn't sleep I was was able to watch tutorials on Wordpress for my website and got a lot of answers that I was wondering about. I was only able to sleep in until 6:30 but I feel great.

Friends in the program. I met with a friend after the meeting yesterday and we had lunch and talked. It was the best thing for me to do. She helped me realize how much I have actually accomplished in 3 weeks. I have gotten a lot done. I have been beating myself up and telling myself it's not enough and I can't do what I think I can do. But that lunch made me realize yes I can do what I put my mind to.

Ass backwards day. Because I haven't followed my normal routine this morning, everything is ass backwards today. And you know what, it's working out just fine. I don't think I want it this way everyday, but it's okay.

My partner and son. I'm going to miss my partner today, he's off to Mexico on business for the next two days. I am so lucky to have him in my life and he is so good to me. On the way to drop my son off at school he exclaimed how happy he was. He's always happy. But I am so glad he is verbal about it. It's a good feeling to know that the negative parenting I think I do may not be true.


  1. It's good that your son is happy. That says a lot right there.

  2. My boys have been my greatest teacher. I get such a kick out of seeing life through their eyes.

    Mexico sounds lovely...we are getting up to 47 degrees today which is warmer than 27!