Tuesday, January 12, 2010

January 12, 2010

Today I am grateful for:

Seeing my life unfold before my eyes by my will. I don't think I have been so keenly aware of my ability to have control of my life and see it unfold by my action as I planned it. There is serious gratitude running a-muck in my life and I am so glad I have it. As I take every step I do not fear it. I have never been so confident that I am doing the right thing. I have never been so confident about my decisions. I know that I will be provided for with exactly what I need.

The Internet. There is so much information at our fingertips today. The Internet can give you the answer in a minute. I remember as a child I would wonder things and would have to ask, or look them up in the encyclopedia. For me the Internet is an encyclopedia, dictionary, science lab, space center, universe of everything. I would be lost trying to find what I have been able to obtain through my journey. Since the explosion of the Internet I rely so heavily on it. From recipes to shopping. In two minutes I can figure out what I am going to make for dinner next week, order a new pair of pants to wear at said dinner as well as invite everyone without leaving my house or picking up the telephone. I can't wait for 10 years to go by to see how the changes it will go through.

My Health. I am very grateful that I am so healthy. Sure, I have my aches and pains to go along with the years. But I am healthy. I feel so much younger than my parents appeared to act at my age. I an fortunate that I don't have to take the handful of pills my parents did/do. I take one. I'm not saying medication is bad. I am so glad that there is better living through chemistry. I am so glad that I have a youthful mind that keeps my body going. My favorite run The Houston Rodeo Run is coming up in February and I am really looking forward to it. To be healthy enough to be in the run keeps me grateful.

Friends. How fortunate to have friends. This year has been a real focus on friends. I am gaining them and I am grateful. I was so busy for years doing drugs and isolating that I had very few. (Thank God for them.) Friendship is something that helps you share life. By sharing your life you experience your life. If no one is there to experience with you, how do you know it's even real or happening? Friends validate your life, and you validate theirs.

Thankful for you, peace throughout your day.


  1. Life.
    The Internet.

    Not bad for one day.