Saturday, January 23, 2010

January 23, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Realizing that I am not a victim. In the past few months I was really stuck in the notion of "Why is my life like this?" Sober or not, I can view my life as it's happening to me. I never stop to think that it's my own thinking and actions that is making me see my life as a victim. When I step out of this thinking and take action instead of being centered in self pity I find I do have the ability to change. Victim is a state of mind for me.

Yesterday's beautiful day. Friday was an unbelievable beautiful day. The weather was perfect. I went out for an appointment at lunch and took my time returning to work. On the way back to work I went to a pizza place and sat outside in the sun. It was so beautiful. I returned to work and went to a meeting. Packed up the rest of my personal belongings, packed my car and went home to enjoy a run in the late afternoon. Yesterday was one of those miracles.

The Blogging Community. I am so inspired by the communications I have been receiving as well as the new blogs I find everyday. To be able to relate to so many people has been so rewarding for me. Thank God for the similarities, to know I am not alone.


  1. "Victim is a state of mind for me."

    Me, too.

    I hope you have a lovely, beautiful weekend, Gary.


  2. SUPERcalifragilisticexpaealidocious.

  3. There are some great people out there in blog land. Reckon Dave Poppins summed it up!