Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010

Today I am grateful for:

I am learning that action is something I have to take. It involves me actually doing something instead of just thinking about it. Actually putting the keys in the ignition, starting the car, putting it in gear and pushing on the gas appears to be a new concept to me.

1 day at a time. Who'da thunk?! You can apply this to anything. I realize how much of a future thinker I am. Try as I might, living right now can get away from me.

Progress, not perfection. The more I think of this the more I start to wonder who I am trying to be perfect for?

Being sober allows me to enjoy my family without the urgent feeling that I have to leave now so I can get high.

This gratitude list to keep me focused on what I have, not the have nots.

On a side note, I want to put out there a prayer for the person(s) who broke into our car in about 7 minutes at Edwards theater off Silber, without damaging the doors or windows, neatly removing the stereo and locking the car again. First, I am thankful we didn't walk up on them where we could have gotten hurt. Second, I am so glad I don't live that life. Can you imagine? Chances are drugs are the reason they have to take from others. I pray they hit their bottom sooner than later and realize that their life can be so much better. I don't care about the stereo, we can replace that. It does bother me how my son reacted and how scared he was. That concept never crossed his mind that people take from others. With the best parenting skills I have, he understands about drugs and the actions people take to get them. (Assuming that drugs are the reason they stole the stereo. Considering 85% of the people who are in jail are incarcerated because of issues related to drugs and alcohol.)

I am grateful we just shrugged our shoulders and moved on!

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  1. That's a great list. There are a lot of talented drug addicts/alcoholics out there.