Monday, January 25, 2010

January 25, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

Change from the inside out. That is today's passage from A Day At A time. I have never been so aware that it all starts with me. If I am willing to change things on the inside, things will get better on the outside. That is so clear to me that it starts with me and it's possible. The hard part is accepting I need to change, and for me, to be willing to change, if I want the peace and happiness I say is/was missing from my life.

The glass is half full. As I was praying and meditating this morning that expression came to me in my thoughts. Then it dawned on me that I don't like that expression. It stops short. In my life, the glass is overflowing. In my mind I use to see a wine glass that was half full. Then I thought to myself that it's a bit small for my life. I have so much. So I changed it to a glass, see through big gulp size mug and it's overflowing onto the ground like one of those fountains you see that has a water tap hooked to nothing but water keeps flowing out of it. My life is overflowing with everything I need.

Sunday Breakfast. The last couple of months I have been going to breakfast with friends after the Sunday morning meeting. During the week I never have been able to go to lunch because I had to get back to work. Sunday is a fun group of people that changes from week to week but typically it's the same core of individuals. It's a new routine that I enjoy participating in. I am grateful to be around such a diverse group. Thanks guys!

Right now. I am grateful that I learned to look down at my feet to concentrate on right now. In five minutes this blog will be in my past. I have to concentrate on this moment. I'm excited about the future, I have lots of irons that I am preparing to put in the fire. But I have to concentrate on right now. Right now is what I need to do to continue changing. Right now is what I have to look at how I can help others. Right now is where I need to be to not pass judgement on others or myself. If I just focus on right now I am learning to stay out of the regrets and away from the fear.


  1. When I hear that phrase I always think, "The glass isn't big enough."

  2. Starting next week, maybe you'll be able to join us at lunch too.

  3. Your excitement about being here and now is palatable! I love how you described the glass analogy. Yep--my cup isn't big enough either..I think I will get a bucket! :-D


  4. I love that next week you will be in control of your schedule. At that point the glass is as large as you make it because you are in control at last.

  5. I like the glass being half full to overflowing.