Thursday, January 28, 2010

January 28, 2010

Today I am Grateful for:

My Father. Today is my father's 79th birthday. I am so fortunate at my age I still have a dad who is still around. My parents live in Baldwinsville NY. I'm not close geographically, but I talk to my parents almost every other day. I really need to visit them soon. Every time I go home I learn more about my parents past that amazes me. The last time I was home, I learned my dad was a bit of a crook when he was young. He grew up with no money. He would manipulate people to do things for him in exchange of goods that he may have acquired through other dealings that were not so honest. Today my dad is nothing like that. He is an upstanding individual with morals. It surprises me that he was a hoodlum type of young man. I can't believe my parents have a colored past. That makes me stop to realize, I have a colored past too, so why should my parents not be allowed to have had a past rich in stories and a life lived? I love you dad, Happy Birthday.

I have so much running through my head these last few days I am having the hardest time writing clearly. I am in no way in a bad place, my life is so good and rich with positive activity. I don't know if it's the full moon that is so close that is making expression difficult. At any extent, I am very grateful for so much. This week is becoming more emotional than I expected. I have two more days left of work. I feel like in a way I am retiring. I am not, I have a career to start up and bring to life. I am stepping into the unknown, one step at a time as each step lights the way to my new future.


  1. You are indeed fortunate to have Mom and Dad still around. Maybe it's time for a visit?

    Hang on, the week's almost over.

  2. I grew up not far from Baldwinsville! Stay in faith my friend, faith & fear cannot coexsist!

  3. Your writing seems very clear to me. The paragraph about your dad is quite descriptive and touching.
    Like Scott said, go visit them. Don't put it off.

  4. Yes..the full moon does it to me too. You aren't a Taurus, btw? I learned at 42 that my mother was pregnant with me when she got married. I was shocked. Funny how I thought she was above all that. Now we laugh at ourselves. I am glad I have been honest with my boys..although they use it against me at times (typical kid tactics). I'd rather be honest than a fraud.


  5. Great post, Gary...I love reading about you and your life...Drop by Elegant Blessings ...I have a little silly award for you.

    Life's a dance...when you know the steps!!

    xoxoxo Annie

  6. It's a blessing to have loving parents no matter what their age. Cherish your times together