Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Today I am grateful for:

Change. I know I write a lot about this, but I am extremely grateful that I have the power to change. Change causes a domino affect in my life that leads to greater things. I changed from using drugs and alcohol to not using chemicals one day at a time. My life is so much better for it. I changed to handle life as it is presented to me without the need to hide my feelings through the use of chemicals. Life on life's terms. What a concept. By my actions of change, I step out of a place that is unpleasant and allow myself to have the life that I deserve. Does it take work? Sure it does. But isn't it worth it to live a life that can be so grand?

Fellowship. Yesterday was a day that I received two phone calls from AA friends that ended up in really great conversations. They were unexpected and the conversations just flowed without trying. Both of the calls made me feel like I went to a really good meeting. There is nothing like talking to someone who has the same ground work as you that guides the conversation in such a way that both of you totally understand, share and relate on the same level.

That I can just say yes. I've been with my partner for 26 years this May. The running joke in my family is that any time a suggestion or idea about doing something, going places my first instinct is to say "NO!" Then after much conversation and threats that he'll do something anyway, I change my tune, say yes only to find out that I have enjoyed myself. I'm grateful today that I am willing to say "YES" more often and we do not have to go through the song and dance of "NO" to get to where we are going anyway.

Knowing I am provided for. I really do have everything I need. I am grateful that I don't forget this. I have what I need in life. I always have, I just didn't know it.


  1. Good stuff! Have a great Wednesday!

  2. What a wonderful gratitude post. It is how I need to start my day if I am to be of any use! And yes, I, too, am learning to say Yes to healthy things and NO to things that I know will not add to my life.


  3. Hideeho, Artiste!!

    Great post and one thing I've learned is it's hard to be hateful when you're grateful!! Gratitude is a gift I choose every day...

    Personally...I'm ALWAYS ready for an adventure!


  4. Life is a series of choices. Sometimes we make the wrong choices but fortunately in most instances we can change that by taking the right one second time round

  5. All those things that you mentioned are good for me too.